Why Galaxy Design Squad is so Committed to Military Challenge Coins

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October 11, 2023
Why Galaxy Design Squad is so Committed to Military Challenge Coins

At Galaxy Design Squad, the reverence for the armed forces runs deep. Rooted in military families, the team holds a profound respect for those who dedicate their lives to serving the nation.

As we observe major military holidays and observances, these challenge coins take on added significance. They become tokens of remembrance, appreciation, and camaraderie. Whether it’s Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or Armed Forces Day, Galaxy Design Squad’s coins carry the weight of gratitude and honor.

Read on as we delve into Galaxy Design Squad’s unwavering commitment to military challenge coins and explore the significance they hold in the military community.

How are Custom Challenge Coins Made?

Crafting custom challenge coins is a meticulous process that involves both precision and artistry.

Galaxy Design Squad collaborates closely with clients to bring their vision to life. From comprehensive design reviews to incorporating intricate details, the team ensures that each coin embodies the values of unity, courage, and honor.

The coins are tangible tokens of appreciation, reflecting the dedication of those who serve.

How Long Does it Take to Make a Challenge Coin?

While the intricacy of design and the customization options can influence the timeline, Galaxy Design Squad strives to create each coin efficiently.

Our goal is to provide clients with a meaningful memento within a reasonable timeframe. This dedication to timely delivery reflects their commitment to honoring military achievements and milestones.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Challenge Coin?

The cost of crafting custom challenge coins varies based on factors like design complexity, materials used, and order quantity. Galaxy Design Squad understands the importance of balancing quality and affordability. Our transparent pricing structure ensures that clients receive exceptional coins that align with their budget.

Get 10% Off for All Military Orders with Galaxy Design Squad!

Galaxy Design Squad is not just about creating exquisite challenge coins; it’s about honoring the armed forces and giving back to those who serve.

To express our gratitude, we offer a special 10% discount on all military orders.

In the journey of crafting custom US army challenge coins and custom US air force challenge coins, Galaxy Design Squad holds a unique position. We combine artistry, respect, and dedication to create coins that transcend their metallic form. These coins encapsulate stories, memories, and the spirit of service, making them cherished keepsakes in the military community.

To learn more about Galaxy Design Squad’s custom military challenge coins and their commitment to honoring the armed forces, reach out to us today.

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