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About Galaxy Design Squad: The Creatives Who Push the Limits of Design

Those most committed to their craft always push to create something better

We are Galaxy Design Squad

We're a team of dedicated artists and creatives who strive to help you bring your brand or artistic creation to new heights. Our out-of-this-world designs are tailored to your vision, ensuring your pins and coins stands out in a galaxy of competition.

Building a Better Product and System For Our Clients

Since our launch in 2018, Galaxy Design Squad has been dedicated to improving our product and system to provide an unparalleled client experience. By connecting with our clients and leveraging our expertise as artists, we have developed a streamlined process that puts our clients' needs first.

Our passion for creating exceptional products and stellar designs drives us to go above and beyond for our clients. As part of the Galaxy Design Squad community, we prioritize your goals and strive to exceed your expectations at every turn. Our compassionate approach to addressing your concerns is just one of the ways we stand out in the design industry.

Connecting With Artists and Creatives

By connecting with artists and creative teams, we have been able to build a supportive community that goes beyond just business. At events such as New York Comic Con, we had the pleasure of meeting like-minded individuals who share our passion for turning art into something more.

The positive impact of these connections was overwhelming and still resonates with us today. We have forged lasting relationships with many talented artists and creative teams who continue to inspire and support us, and whom we proudly consider as part of the Galaxy Design Squad family.

Uniquely Branded for More

A deep dive into the Galaxy Design Squad brand

The Name

We wanted to stand out. The name "Galaxy Design Squad" represents the vast possibilities we offer. We’re a squad of designers that can navigate the galaxy to create something truly unique for each individual request.

The Service

We go beyond providing products. Our expert designers offer creative expertise at every stage of the design process. Whether you need a custom military battalion coin or an annual years of service pin for your corporate office, we understand that the application of design is what truly counts.

The Design

We add meaning behind every product. We know that designing with impact in mind is essential to leaving a lasting impression on the final product. While drawn lines on a computer screen may seem universal, it's the application of our industry knowledge and creativity that sets us apart. Our team understands how to transform those lines into something unique and meaningful for each client.

Meet The Squad

Let's work together!

Let's work together to make your artistic creations shine like stars in the galaxy! Contact us today, and let us help you create a unique and meaningful design that speaks to your brand or personal vision.

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