Our Galaxy Guide to Custom Coins

Explore the world of personalized coins with our comprehensive guide. Learn about material options, finishes, and custom engraving possibilities to create a memorable coin that represents your brand, organization, or event with distinction and pride.


Two Sided Color Traditional soft enamel styling that really brings your coin to life.
One Sided Color Die Struck or blank on one side and Soft Enamel on the other, it can be the best of both worlds.
No Color Traditional Die Struck style that can be done in an antiqued or polished finish.

Coins By Industry

Explore our premium selection of industry-specific coins, meticulously crafted for corporate, educational, military, law enforcement, sports, and entertainment sectors. These custom coins are designed with precision, capturing the essence of each industry. Embrace the legacy of your profession with our high-quality coins, symbolizing pride and achievement. Elevate your industry's recognition with our top-ranked custom coins, commemorating the values and uniqueness of your sector. Discover the perfect coins to celebrate your industry's achievements in style.

Honor bravery and service with our custom military coins.
Celebrate law enforcement's commitment with our custom police coins.
Recognize the life-saving efforts with our custom EMS coins.
Fire Dept
Commemorate the bravery of firefighters with our custom fire department coins.
Acknowledge the tireless efforts of healthcare professionals with our custom coins.
Elevate your brand and foster unity with our custom corporate coins.

Coin Application

Our custom coins extend across diverse industries, serving as tokens of appreciation, employee recognition, awards, fundraisers, and promotional tools. With meticulous craftsmanship and versatile design options, our coins make a meaningful impact in various contexts, creating lasting impressions for your brand, organization, or special event. Discover the endless possibilities and elevate your endeavors with our premium coins.

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