corporate challenge coins
corporate challenge coins
Celebrate Success and Commitment with Custom Coins

Corporate Challenge Coins

Recognize and bolster your team’s dedication, hard work, and loyalty to your brand with a one-of-a-kind challenge coin that speaks to your identity, values, and shared success!
Our team is ready to bring your ideas to life with out-of-this-world creativity and quality, hand-drawn design with beautiful detail to last a lifetime.

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Corporate Coins: Building a Legacy of Brand

To the recipient of a challenge coin, it’s more than just a coin in their hand or pocket. It’s a badge of honor. A token of appreciation. It’s a bespoke and unparalleled way to tangibly display pride and appreciation.

Corporate coins are also a turnkey marketing solution: bolstering your own logo, or brand identity, your company becomes top of mind whenever everyone comes across your distinctive challenge coin.

Our corporate coins are used across industries and job functions, including:

  • Startups
  • Established Fortune 500, Fortune 100 Companies
  • Technology Companies
  • Professional Organizations
  • Military Departments
  • Political and Government Offices
  • Police Districts
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • … And more!
corporate coins
corporate coins


Our Corporate Coin Design Process

Massive Selection

Our team starts by providing a comprehensive, detailed design review, offering solutions to best fit your vision. With our full spectrum of custom design services and manufacturing capabilities, we offer a massive selection of finishes, metals, shapes, and exciting extras to make your pins special.

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Coins Don’t Just Have To Be Round

Any shape you can imagine, we can bring to life! With a vast array of metal, enamel, printed, and other finishing options, we can create the best coin your team has ever seen.

custom shapes for custom-designed challenge coins

The Galaxy Promise

At Galaxy Design Squad, our mission is to provide you with the best service and design experience in the universe. Our artistry and passion drives our team to give you the best product possible on time and within your budget. We stand behind our products and provide our customers with exactly what they want.

Hand drawn proofs
Fast email responses
Fast quality proofs
Tailored personal attention
Partnership for life
Custom designs to fit your needs