Create a Lapel Pin for Animal Conservation on National Wildlife Day

by | Sep 4, 2022 | Custom Pins

Create a Lapel Pin for Animal Conservation on National Wildlife

When we step outside to become immersed in Nature, it’s a refreshing connection to something nourishing and timeless; as Henry David Thoreau once penned, “In wilderness is the preservation of the world.” With our ever-expanding cityscapes and evolving environmental concerns, it’s more important than ever to become educated and involved in conservation efforts to protect the natural world and her vulnerable creatures. National Wildlife Day is September 4th, and the team at Galaxy Design Squad is thrilled to support the organizations and people that put animals and endangered species first with beautiful custom lapel pins and challenge coins. How can pins from GDS help you make a difference?

Contribution for Conservation

While many of us are interested in helping efforts to preserve the environment and its animal inhabitants, we might not have the time or know-how, so a number of organizations have been created to support education, rehabilitation, habitat reclamation, and more. Custom enamel lapel pins are often offered as a gift to donors and members that support these causes, and are beautiful representations of dedication to wildlife and endangered species.

Passionate Preservation

National parks, zoos, and endangered animal sanctuaries are fantastic places to see and learn about the wildlife in our neighborhoods and around the world. Fees for visiting patrons contribute to education programs for students and families, responsible breeding of endangered animals, and land preservation to protect habitats. Special custom lapel pins for important events like National Wildlife Day are often created as collectible reminders that bring awareness to human impact around the world.

Walk This Way

Walks and runs are inspiring events that not only keep us active in the outdoors, but also offer serious opportunities for fundraising for important causes. Many organizations design special challenge coins for those that meet certain marks in collecting donations, or for those that surpass their own goals in completing a 5 or 10k race. Galaxy Design Squad’s creative team can work with any design idea from concept to completion so challenge coins and lapel pins can be made with your favorite wildlife images or specific programs in mind.

Animal Advocates

There are those individuals for whom protecting and supporting wildlife is a passionate purpose, and specialty challenge coins are a phenomenal way to acknowledge their efforts in making the world a better place for both animals and humans alike. If your organization needs to honor an especially dedicated team member or group for their work in the animal world, consider designing a unique token of appreciation with the lapel pins or custom coins available through Galaxy Design Squad.

Why Pins are a Win for Wildlife

Experiencing and protecting wildlife is incredibly important because it reminds us to strive for balance in our lives and the world we live in. Exciting and encouraging others to explore and advocate for nature is much easier when paired with commemorative elements like custom lapel pins and challenge coins, and whether you’re ready to jump in with one of Galaxy Design Squad’s amazing designs or have an idea of your own, trust our team to deliver exactly what you need with the best customer experience imaginable. Call us today to create your own!

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