New Year, New Campaign! How To Use Custom Enamel Pins to Promote Your Brand in 2022!

by | Jan 8, 2022 | Custom Pins, Custom Pins and Coins

Galaxy Design Squad - New Year - New Campaign

Brand recognition is a foundational aspect of a successful marketing campaign, because it represents the very first step of the “marketing funnel.” When a customer has a need, it’s the pleasant and memorable brand that comes to mind as a means of fulfilling that void. If your marketing is working the right way, recognition of your brand identity might also inspire those customers that don’t yet know they have a desire to explore your product and service offerings and become customers anyway. As we round the bend of another calendar year, fiscal reassessment might encourage you to explore additional options for driving up revenue, and custom enamel pins are the perfect branding asset to make that happen. How can custom pins promote your brand identity in 2022?

The Miracle of Marketing

At its core, marketing is the process of getting products and services in the hands of your ideal customers, and includes all the activities required to promote, sell, and deliver them. One of the most important tenets is promotion, and with roughly 33 million businesses in the US, having a “loud enough” presence to be heard through the noise is one of the most challenging aspects of modern business. Custom enamel pins are an excellent option for helping your brand and identity stand above the crowd, because they create a memorable experience for your customers that will bring them back to your business time and again. What are some innovative options for sharing custom pins in your next marketing campaign?

  • Customer Contests to inspire excitement and brand sharing
  • Loyalty Rewards for long-time customers to encourage repeat business
  • New Member recognition to attract new associates
  • As a Freebie with designated purchases to promote a new product
  • Last-Minute media prize to develop a time-sensitive buzz
  • A Store Scavenger Find to roll out recent remodels or inventory swaps
  • Holiday Bonuses with gift card purchase that ensure future sales
  • Rewards for Online Reviews with random drawings

Accessorize your Awesome Affiliates

Another important aspect of a successful campaign is marketing affiliates, who are typically compensated to promote a brand on behalf of the business. Many modern start-ups are using these ideas to morph this model and give complimentary custom enamel pins that serve as tokens of appreciation and a grass-roots branding asset.

Younger crowds regularly use social media as a tool for connection and exploring trends, and the right pin in the right place could go viral, which means radical recognition and big business for your brand.

Galaxy Design Squad is Your Partner for a Stellar 2022

Custom enamel pins are a creative and effective addition to your marketing strategies for brand promotion and company growth in the new year, and Galaxy Design Squad is the ready partner that will match your excitement and dedication. From creative and talented design teams and customer service, you can expect a seamless experience from conception to delivery. Contact us today to recharge your resolutions for bigger business in the new year!

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