It’s Wedding Season! Here’s Why Custom Lapel Pins Make the Perfect Souvenir for Your Big Day

by | May 22, 2022 | Custom Pins, Custom Pins and Coins

It's Wedding Season! Here's Why Custom Lapel Pins Make the Perfect Souvenir for Your Big Day

It’s Wedding Season! Here’s Why Custom Lapel Pins Make the Perfect Souvenir for Your Big Day

Warmer days and longer nights usher in some of the busiest and most festive months of the year, with 31% of couples deciding to take advantage of the temperate wedding season and schedule their summer nuptials. Every couple wants to express their love in a unique and meaningful way, but with a million decisions to make, tokens of gratitude like wedding party gifts and favors can become afterthoughts dictated by fad wedding blogs and inspiration sites. So when you need the ultimate wedding souvenir for friends and family that have gathered to support your union, custom lapel pins save the day! 

For the Best Bride-Tribe

Historically, brides have taken on a majority of planning when it comes to weddings, so it comes as no surprise that some of the first decisions made involve choosing the members of the Bride-Tribe. These are typically close friends and family of the bride, and bestowing a gift to honor the connection is traditional. Custom lapel pins are an excellent way to celebrate the support of the bride’s inner circle and the upcoming nuptials. They can be worn at wedding showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, and gift openings to display the camaraderie. 

For the Greatest Groomsmen

Grooms are nothing without their wingmen, so it’s also a traditional move to celebrate the friendships and support of their best men and groomsmen in advance of the Big Day. Shopping for the guys can be a challenge since common wedding party gift ideas like cigars, snifters, and cufflinks might not fit every lifestyle or be entirely practical—gifts aren’t as meaningful if they’re forgotten in a box. On the other hand, a custom, unique lapel pin can be designed to speak volumes of the connection between friends and is sure to hold meaning and value years after the festivities of stag parties and the wedding itself.

For Fabulous Friends and Family

Every wedding couple is thrilled to be surrounded by friends and family for their special day, and event details often include a way to honor those in attendance with small favors of appreciation. Wedding favors can come in all shapes, sizes, and price points but are often edible treats or disposable novelty items forgotten before the night’s end. If you’re looking for an incredibly special and sentimental wedding guest favor that will be a reminder of your event for years to come, consider designing a bespoke lapel pin as the ultimate wedding souvenir. Not only can the design be a collaboration that represents both partners, but every aspect is also customizable to match themes, locations, palettes, and unique elements about the relationship and wedding.

Mark Your Most Memorable Moments with Galaxy Design Squad

When celebrating the start of your new life together, count on Galaxy Design Squad to help mark the occasion with your unique style and a meaningful memento. With various sizes, custom designs, and the expertise to capture your vision, we look forward to helping you say ‘I DO!” to your own enamel pin wedding party gifts! Contact us today to share your inspiration and get started.

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