How Challenge Coins Can Motivate Your New Year’s Resolutions

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Custom Pins, Custom Pins and Coins

Challenge Coin New Years Resolution

Many businesses and organizations harness the excitement of the new year by recruiting employees and members to take part in challenges like health and fitness initiatives, growth goals, and community engagement, and these serve to improve wellness, meet sales quotas, and also instill a greater sense of community, morale, and camaraderie. While most new year’s resolutions and ambitions are abandoned by the end of January, studies show that an important long-term motivator is the presence of an immediate reward for the effort. How can custom challenge coins become an exciting and effective incentive for your staff and customers?

Welcoming Wellness

Setting group fitness goals is one of the most popular and exciting endeavors of the new year, since annually, 3 of our top 5 resolutions involve losing extra pounds and improving wellness. Unfortunately, many people lose motivation because changes in health habits are slow and challenging, and achieving long-term goals can seem So. Far. Away. While we understand the importance of delayed gratification, we are naturally motivated by an immediate reward, and custom challenge coins can be the perfect supplement to your company’s fitness initiatives and can encourage the dedication and persistence needed to get to the finish line.

Securing Sales

Companies round the bend into a new fiscal calendar with a fresh look at sales numbers for the last quarter and year, and many resolve to put a stronger foot forward to increase growth and set new sales quotas. Rewards like custom coins can maintain motivation in your staff for quarterly and annual commitments, especially if bigger bonuses are sent out just once each year. Also, creating contests among customers is a great way to secure additional revenue—clients can be rewarded for visits, purchases, donations, or referrals, and at the end of the year, those with the highest commitment to your company can be recognized for extra kudos at the end of the year. Coins commemorating brand loyalty or new product releases can be another source of sales support, as these pieces tend to become cult classic collectibles that garner attention and a fine return for your business.

Motivating Membership

For many organizations, the new year presents exciting opportunities for growth, as many people resolve to learn new things, get more engaged in their communities, and even make the time for volunteering and service. Creating membership milestones is a great way to help new participants commit to regular visits and time to their new activities. Custom coins can be designed to honor a certain level of commitment or achievement over time, or can even be used to commemorate important group projects and goals that are successfully accomplished.

Let Galaxy Design Squad Guide Your Goals in 2022

Custom challenge coins are excellent tools for milestone motivation, whether your new year’s goals involve fitness, company growth, sales initiatives, or community engagement, and Galaxy Design Squad is excited to be a valued partner in securing your success. Contact us today to work with our creative team and design the exact pieces required to meet your needs!

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