Custom Lapel Pins for Graduation this Spring

by | Mar 17, 2022 | Custom Pins, Custom Pins and Coins

Custom Lapel Pins for Graduation this Spring

Believe it or not, the start of another season is just around the corner, and in addition to longer days and warmer temperatures, we can look forward to spring events like picnics, festive holidays, and even the close of another educational year. For many, this will mark the end of a journey months, years, and even decades in the making, and it often culminates in a traditional graduation ceremony. Although the dedication required to meet these important achievements can take years, the pomp and circumstance of the celebration might only last minutes, and can ultimately fall short as a way of honoring the recipients’ fortitude and accomplishments. How can custom lapel pins perpetuate the excitement and pay homage to their successes?

Specialty Programs

Many students anticipate graduation from specific programs, including:

  •   professional and trade tracks, like police, fire, emergency, plumbing, electrical, automotive, construction
  •   military branches, including Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Space Force
  •   university schools like nursing, medicine, music, architecture, science, or law

Years of dedication to developing these related skills will establish essential tenets of the specialty into a student’s identity, and a unique enamel pin can be a great reminder of their time in training, and as a commemoration of their inspiration and devotion to the foundations that helped shape their characters.

Challenge Lapel Pins

Many higher education programs utilize community engagement and involvement as a way to complement the knowledge gained from traditional courses, which helps students apply the material and gain beneficial real-world experience. Often, completion of this community work culminates after meeting milestones for hours worked, goals accomplished, or programs created and implemented, and challenge pins and coins are fantastic options for recognizing the impact of their personal work and its support of the greater good.

Alumni Pins

Graduation ceremonies typically host alumni of the same program or school to bestow honors on new graduates, and the presence of these society members serve to both support and inspire students turning a fresh chapter in their own lives. Alumni pins offer a special honor to those that have graduated from the same program, and serve as a mark of fraternity for the new graduates that are themselves new alumni. Alumni pins can be created as custom enamel pins or any number of alternative designs to reflect membership in any kind of organization. These specialty pieces offer a token of distinction among peers and are valuable and sentimental gifts to commemorate successful completion and dedication.

The Greatest Graduation Gift in the Galaxy

Long after the balloons and streamers come down, graduates can continue to celebrate their success and dedication with the small and meaningful memento of a custom enamel lapel pin. With a variety of sizes, styles, shapes, and finishes, pins and coins can be made to your exact specifications and with any design you can envision. Call our design team today, and let Galaxy Design Squad help create the perfect graduation and challenge lapel pins for your spring event!

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