10 Ways to Style Your Lapel Pin

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Custom Pins, Custom Pins and Coins

10 Ways to Style Your Lapel Pin

10 Ways to Style Your Lapel Pin

There’s no accessory more eye-catching than a quality, custom lapel pin. With modern technological advances in the design and the manufacturing processes, they are easily created in every size and shape imaginable and with a variety of incredible finishing options to perfectly capture the inspiration that makes them come to life. It’s easy to get addicted to collecting these extraordinary accouterments, and there are a million ways to display your assortment with pride. Need to know the best tips and tricks for styling your lapel pin? Following are our ten favorites!

Lapel Jacket or Blazer

The most classic option for sporting a stylish lapel pin is, of course, on the lapel of a jacket or blazer. The glint of a shiny metal pin or a glossy enamel finish can be an eye-catching conversation starter and is the perfect size to display your most stylish and elevated pieces or to buck the trend and add a little noise to a conservative coat.

Hat Brim/Face

Hats are more popular than ever, and whether you’re sporting your favorite team’s ball cap, styling a straw fedora, or breaking in a knit beanie, enamel pins add a level of personality that can’t be duplicated. Pins can be affixed along the brim, face, or back of a hat and can even be used to dress up hatbands.

Tote Bag

Quality tote bags are increasingly available for everything from hauling groceries and books to picnic supplies and sports gear and are even used as carry-on baggage. Enamel pins are easy to attach, rearrange and make a kitschy, custom addition to your daily carry-all.

Classic Jean Jacket

Jean Jackets and lapel pins go together like peanut butter and jelly. Jackets are typically made of sturdy denim and create an excellent canvas for your coolest pin collections.

Shirt Collars

Dress shirts are designed with various collar options, and whether you’re wearing a point, spear, tab, square, or spread style, it’s the perfect backdrop for the touch of fashion that only a custom enamel pin can provide.

Bowtie Pin

In lieu of a stuffy bowtie, modern-style mavens are turning to enamel lapel pins to adorn the front band of dress shirts. This is also the perfect spot to place any large, showy, or symmetrical pieces.

Pennant Flags for Collections

If you have an eye for incredible design and a heart for meaningful mementos, you may have amassed a collection that is too big or valuable to wear daily. Pennant flags are a unique option for displaying your favorites and can easily be organized by team, school, organization, or as a DIY with the material, size, and style of your choice.

Lanyard or Guitar Strap

Lanyards aren’t only helpful in keeping track of IDs or keys and cards for work or home. They’re also an excellent way to display your hard work and dedication to earned tokens. Musicians who sport straps for their instruments can also dress them up with enamel lapel pins for their favorite bands and venues.

Fashion Scarf

One of the original uses of pins was to affix clothing, and getting back to fashion’s roots by pinning a fashion scarf is an updated option to show off the beautiful enamel pins in your collection.

Purse or Backpack

Embellishing a purse or bag with your favorite pins is probably one of the most common ways to style a lapel pin today. With sturdy material and a large canvas for display, showcasing your favorite mementos on a bag is a secure and easy way to express your personality and experiences.

Love Your Pins to the Moon and Back

With Galaxy Design Squad, your imagination is the only limit in creating your dreams’ custom enamel lapel pins. Whether you are looking to design the perfect pin to capture the memory of a special time and place or want to customize a souvenir for the customers, members, and fans that support your business and brand, we can design and create exactly what you need. Contact us today to learn more about how to get started with your pin project!

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